I made it to the NPower Championship Playoff Final at Wembley Stadium in London. I managed to scalp a ticket about 30 minutes before the game.  The match was Blackpool vs West Ham with the winner being promoted to the Premier League.  I sat in the West Ham section. West Ham won with a late goal in the  87’ minute. This is after the match. If you have any spare 3D glasses lying around, you can change the quality to HD and click the 3D link that shows up.  Google can apparently make video’s that you upload to youtube 3D.  They also give you the option to fix shakiness if they detect it.  It works, but in order to do it, they have to crop frames in the picture which can make your picture look a little distorted at times.  This video is a good example: Duomo di Milano (Milan Cathedral) - Milan, Italy

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